Join the Goldsboro Wayne Branch of the NAACP #5397



Sylvia Barnes, Branch President


The Goldsboro Wayne NAACP is governed by the National NAACP, the State of North Carolina COnference of Branches and our local Executive Committee which is led by our branch president, Mrs. Sylvia Barnes.

This team of volunteers work to establish the focus and function of this branch.


Our team includes Executive  Committee Members  

President - Sylvia Barnes 

1st Vice President - Francine Smith 

2nd Vice President - Robert Pinder 

3rd Vice President - Vickie Cauthen 

4th Vice President - James Smith 

Secretary - Diane George 

Asst. Secretary - Iris Robinson 

Treasurer - John Barnes

Asst. Treasurer - Gloria Howard


Standing Committee Chairs  

Finance  - John Barnes

Education  - Rev. Keith Copeland 

Membership -

Religious Affairs   - Rev. Richard Thompson

Labor and Industry  - Larsene Taylor 

Legal Redress - Gregory and Sheila Holmes

At-Large Executive Committee Members  

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II 

Jerry Howard 

Ernestine Powell

Charmeine Turner 

Tyrone Gardner